Open That Door

Hello! If you have found yourself here on my blog, you are most likely interested in interior design and or public relations (two of my favorite things.) You may be wondering why and how these two aspects go together. Let me explain.

Public relations and interior design are two extremely creative industries. Both take strategic planning, long hours of looking at little details, creative minds and the need to stand out. In these industries it is important to always be in the know of the latest trends and what people care about. We need to know if wood paneling is a no-no in interior design just like we need to know if people are still using MySpace to connect with friends in PR. (I hope not! Or else I wouldn’t be doing my job well.)

The Door to Design is a place where interior design and public relations meet. How do designers make a name for themselves? Where do social media and interior design meet? What the heck is IKEA doing right? Or Wrong? Your PR professional–in the works is here to help answer these questions. Research is going to be key on my part and digging into both of these worlds, which will lead to some interesting information for you.

In my public relation classes at University of Oregon we take the online social sphere very seriously. We believe this is where the PR world is heading and it is important to have a strong presence online.

With that being said, please don’t hesitate to send a hello or ask a question. I’d love to connect with you!

Photo courtesy: Ivan Malkin via Flickr

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