How trendy is too trendy?

Out with the old and in with the new. Trends are always changing. Trendy people wouldn’t be caught dead with shag carpet in their home or dingy wallpaper. But what does the public do with shag carpet and old wallpaper when it becomes out of style. These items typically are still completely functional and often aren’t too old but aren’t in style anymore. How does good ol’ Mother Earth feel about the coming and going of trends in interior design?

In PR and interior design it is of utmost importance to keep the environment in mind while still making a space comfortable and beautiful. Interior design can get a bad rep for being trendy and wasteful but recently the design world has gotten more eco-friendly. The term reuse and recycle haven’t been more relevant than they are now. Designers like, Jennifer better known from her Instagram Flea Market Fab creates spaces from reused items she finds at flea markets. Designer Joanna Gaines is always using old wood to create new pieces of furniture, wall hangings or pieces of decoration.  There is always a way to make the old look new and beautiful.

A few things to remember while decorating a new space and being sustainable:

  1. Can I reuse any item in a new light? Move it to a new place in the home. Use that old bookshelf to store your coffee pot and coffee beans in a cute new style. You’ll be shocked at how much a little change can change the entire look of a room.
  2. What will a new paint job do to an old item? Paint can change the whole look of a room or a piece of furniture. Give it a try on that old dresser you’ve been wanting to get rid of and while your at it get some new knobs!
  3. Think before buying. If you must buy a new item buy new products that will last you a long time. Buy the big items as staple pieces. For instance, buy a couch that you can change the look of with different pillows depending on your mood or the current trends. Pillowcases are much easier to change than a couch.
  4. Make sure to check the local thrift store for a killer find. Sometimes, if you look hard enough thrift stores can have brand new and beautiful items for a fraction of the price new or even items that look rough but with a little TLC are better than ever.

Change doesn’t have to come at a high price for your wallet or your environment. Change the things you have and it will change the whole room and possibly the impact to the environment.

Photo credit: Gladys of Sioux City in her Front Room – June, 1956 by Vieilles Annonces

One thought on “How trendy is too trendy?

  1. allettakathryn says:

    I love the way this post sets up the overall theme of your blog! I think discussing how to be stylish but also friendly to the environment is a topic that should be talked about more often. Very important in our day and age.


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