Studies say Netflix is healthy…this is not a drill

In response to the article, “Good News: Study Shows Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Molly Sanchez

The results are in. Studies have proven binging on Netflix shows is a healthy habit. Netflix and college students go together like peanut butter and jelly. I know this because I am apart of the majority. Binging on anything can lead to some sort of guilt but lucky for us Netflix bingers, a new study has just come out saying binging is actually making us mentally healthier. Go figure. Watching TV makes you smarter! Studies that have just been released say, following complex plots for an extended amount of time help our brain understand complex ideas and people’s minds better.

Netflix has always been a favorite activity of mine and I have always been an advocate of it. Even if these studies didn’t come out I would argue watching Netflix makes you socially smarter. This sounds somewhat like an opposite kind of idea, sitting inside watching TV makes you socially smarter but it does. Let me explain. How often have you had a conversation with an acquaintance about a show or movie you have watched on Netflix? If you’re anything like me, it has been more than a few times. The show Friends for example, a large majority of the population can have some sort of connection with the show, which automatically creates a connection between you and the acquaintance. Human connections! Yay!

Aside from learning more about how the brain works by watching Netflix, there are also a plethora of the things to learn from educational TV. From Animal Planet to National Geographic to HGTV there is always something to learn from TV. Whenever I watch HGTV I get inspired to redecorate and get ideas for my apartment. Watching documentaries about ideas I have heard nothing about always leave me feeling like the most educated person in the world as well. After I finish a documentary on Netflix I feel the urge to educate all my friends and family as well.

So science proved it, Netflix is always a good idea. Don’t feel bad binging. Treat yo’self. Go ahead and Netflix and chill.

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