Five Things New Interior Designers Must Know

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the interior designer world is a competitive one to get involved in. As many careers, it is important to know the ins and outs of getting your foot in the door as you are working toward your goals. I’ve compiled a list from research that I did, I hope you find it useful.

  1. Educate yourself

Getting an education is always important. Never stop learning. It is extremely important in the interior design world. Interior design isn’t just about matching colors and decorating a space. There is a whole world of things to know about going into design. There is not set ideal of how much schooling one needs in order to be a good designer but it is essential to get enough to have a great portfolio and to feel like you know what you are doing.

  1. Build that portfolio

This is extremely important. Just like in any job, employers want to know what you are capable as a potential employee. It is even more crucial with interior design I would say. Clients will also see your portfolio. Clients want to know what you are capable too because after all they are the ones you are working for. Pinterest is always my go to in time of inspiration, try this out.

  1. Get ahead of the trends

Interior design is competitive; get ahead by getting ahead of the trends. Study new trends like green design or herb gardens inside. Do your research. Find out what is getting trendy and get ahead of it. Employers want to be ahead of the times as much as they can as well, your education in those trends will move you that much more up the ladder. Here is your start on your research.

  1. Passion!

Interior design is a tiring, strenuous and creative career that will take everything that you’ve got. If you don’t love what you are doing with a project, what is the point? The company and clients you are working for need to know you are excited to start and finish a project. During an interview for a job the employer wants someone who wants to be there, make that known.

  1. Broaden your skills and your horizons

In this career it is important to have a vast amount of skills. You need to be a people person, know how to use all Adobe programs, be good at math, know psychology and the list goes on and on. While you can try to always be improving these skills. Take some Adobe workshops, work at a coffee shop to get your people skills moving and have fun.

Photo credit: Scott Kellum via flickr

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