Interview for the job with confidence

One can never be too prepared for a job interview. Laura McMullen for US News wrote and article called, 6 Things You Should Bring to Every Interview. In lieu of this weeks topic of getting jobs in the interior design world I thought this article was very appropriate for those interested in interior design as well. The article is definitely worth the read.

My favorite part about the article is number six. Number six is, bring your bragging rights to your interview. Heck yeah. We all deserve a little bragging sometimes, especially when we are going into an interview for a job we know we deserve. Many people often don’t give themselves enough credit from day to day and a job interview is a time to shine. A tactical and strategic way to do so was given in the article I would like to share specifically. McMullen said, “Or you could take control of the interview at the start by walking interviewers through your book of achievements – think five to seven minutes, not 45 – and how they prove you’re the best fit for the job.” What a great idea. Is it a little out there? Maybe, but who usually gets the job? It’s the person who the interviewer remembers and stands out.

We are all a little bit more fit than we usually give ourselves credit for. If I were to oversimplify this article, I would say, believe in yourself more than you do and have confidence more than you do now. This is something to do in life as well. We all shine a little bit brighter when we have confidence in ourselves and know our self worth. Maybe watch an inspirational video before going in to the office. Here is my favorite one to pump me up.

So, shine on stars and nail that next interview!

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