Revamp your social media with these tricks

Who doesn’t love social media? If someone denies they love it, I think they are lying. Social media is a perfect place for interior designers to get their name out there and what their brand is all about. My Instagram feed is full of interior designers and I never get sick of it.

I follow many interior designers on social media. A few of my favorite at the moment are Justina BlakeneyGrace BonneyKirsten Grove, and Jennifer Harrison. Check them out for inspiration and tips.

  1. Post frequently – In order to create a brand for yourself it is important you are in the publics mind.


2. Have a personal and professional presence online – This one can be a little testy. Some people like to keep these two lives separate but people like to know you are human too and that you can relate to then on a humanistic level. If the public has any similarities to you that will make the connection that much better.


3. Post lots of pictures – The more pictures the better. Let the public see the designs you are working on, show us the process, show us your trials and tribulations, show us the end product, we want to see it all.


4. Keep public up to date in current projects – If the public is able to following you on a project, it will create a sense of longing for knowing what happened with the project and the public will look for you and your project.


5. Give public easy and tangible design tips – Give the public something to remember you by. This is the perfect thing to connect you to interior design and into their home.


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