Instagram is taking over the world but how?

Since we are on the topic of social media, I thought I would expand and talk about how social media is taking over the work force. EMarketer posted new statistics to its website about companies going to social media to advertise and the results are fascinating.

Although I know social media has made a huge boom I had no idea the boom was this big. In 2015, 88.2% of companies with over 100 employees had a social media presence. That is huge and it is only increasing. By 2017 there will be a projected 70.7% of companies on Instagram compared to a 32.3% in 2105. That increase is absolutely shocking to me. Instagram really is taking over the world. I do understand why though. If you look back in my last post you will see how much I love Instagram personally. It is simple, interesting and has professional ties to Facebook, what more could you ask for?

I have always been fascinated by social media and the boom that it took. My friends and I often have conversations relating to how it is taking over our generation. We will debate and weigh the pros and cons but often come to the conclusion, it is a major driving force of communication and communication is rarely a bad thing.

Incorporating social media into the professional world is probably one of the better plans a company can produce. Customers are on social media, plain and simple. It is a direct way for a company to produce content and get it right in the hand of the public, literally, right in the smart phones of the public.

For more information on companies going into the social media realm check out this article. It was super interesting. Social media is changing our world, but my one word of advice is, don’t let it change you. Don’t compare yourself and don’t overrun your energy into social media, even too much of a good thing is bad news.


One thought on “Instagram is taking over the world but how?

  1. Kei Lynn Asakura says:

    I really like how you made the transition between social media for professional use and social media for personal use. As you said our world is become more and more immersed into the ways of online communication, and that development is probably not going to stop. Going off of that, I also think that your advice was so beautifully put. Social media is exactly what one makes it to be, and doesn’t have the power to change anything unless one lets it take over.


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