Why can’t we stop watching HGTV?

Everyone has walked into a room while HGTV is playing and just had to sit down and keep watching. I know it happens to me on a regular basis. What is it about HGTV that makes a viewer so hooked?

It is no surprise to know that TV is slowly fading out of the center attention. It has been over shadowed by Netflix, Hulu and other online streaming sites. Although, TV is shrinking, it is still a great place to get viewers and a great outlet for advertisements. With set time aside for advertisements, it is never a bad place to be. HGTV is a great place to be recognized as a designer. The top designers of all time have made appearances on the network and are continuing to do so.

How does HGTV do it though? Who is watching? According to network demographics there are a variety of people watching HGTV. The age groups are fairly evenly distributed 21% of viewers are 18-34, 43% of viewers are 35-54 and 36% of viewers are 55+. About half of viewers have attended college. It’s demographics are all over the board. However, there are 35% male and 65% female watching, which is the most skewed demographic. It is important to any brand to be wide ranging in an audience.

HGTV is a great example of how to engage with clients. The TV the network produces makes viewers feel at home while giving a new and fresh perspective and ideas. Personally, I would rather watch a TV show that is inspiring and relatable.

As interior designers it is important to be creating a brand that is inspiring and relatable. Isn’t this the same in life as well? 🙂

Photo credit: Glenn Halog via Fliker

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