Why does everyone love IKEA?

IKEA prints and delivers 200 million copies of its catalog each year. When talking to people about IKEA, I rarely find there is a negative response.

IKEA has a way with finding exactly what the customer needs and filling that hole. It is savvy in staying up to date with trends. In 2015 it released this ad about the catalog. The video is a humorous twist the typical advertisement.

The brand won’t stop at promoting its magazines. The new trend with the company is to put out videos for the public, which is genius in our video filled social media world we live in. Many people have complained that IKEA furniture is hard to set up. So what does IKEA do? It makes a film series on how to put together furniture. Here is the first episode of the series.

There is also an app IKEA designed in order to show the customer what it would look like to have a piece of IKEA furniture in their house hold. This is a great innovation to have. It is thinking in a way that is before the times of any other furniture company.

IKEA conducted surveys asking people how to live the healthiest way they can. They asked Americans what it takes to have a good day and Americans responded to have a good morning will reflect on the rest of the day. IKEA responded by starting a website on tips and tricks to having a stressless morning.

The IKEA marketing and PR team know what they are doing. The world knows and loves IKEA. Keep it up.

For more information check out How IKEA Became Kings of Content Marketing article. What do you think about IKEA’s marketing? What do you love/ hate about the company?

Photo credit: Missy S. via Flikr


One thought on “Why does everyone love IKEA?

  1. yunshu says:

    I really like the videos that you inserted. They are really interesting and unique. IKEA can be counted as one of the most successful companies that sell ready-to-assemble furniture. I think the main reason is that the team effectively combine design, products, delivery and the Internet. People can easily learn from IKEA’s website to learn how to design their household; what it would look like to have a piece of IKEA furniture in their household and what should I do for setting them up. And also, we love IKEA not only because its design and products satisfy our demand but also because the price is proper and reasonable. Everyone likes elegant stuff, which with fair price.


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