Let’s talk Anthropologie


If you’re anything like me, when you walk into Anthropologie store it feels as if you are in a storybook. All worries have somehow fallen into the ground and your focus is on the light fixtures, the comfy chairs are calling your name and every candle is asking for your sniff.

The retail store isn’t the only thing Anthropologie has going for itself. The company as a whole is making a good name for itself with its causes it supports, interior designers it partners with and job it provides. It is a relatively new company, opening its doors in 1992. It has flourished opening news stores and supporting new organizations frequently.



Anthropologie has a knack for keeping its hometown in its front view. It supports over 15 organizations within Philadelphia alone.  The main causes it supports are the arts, children and families, four-legged friends, a happy and healthy planet and urban renewal. A study says that 4 out of 5 millennials would rather buy from a company who supports like interests. Personally, these causes are all apart of my agenda. Check out who Anthro supports maybe you will find something you agree with as well.

If you are an interior designer and love Anthro you are in luck. House & Home Trade Program is here to help you. This is a program that gives a discount to interior designers on all Anthro home goods if you become a member. Credentials must be shown in order to be apart of the program. (maybe I will go to interior design school?)

Anthro also provides many opportunities for people to get involved in its company. It is one of the companies that offers many internships around the country. Whether it is in the retail store or at the headquarters. There is room for growth and education in the company.

Anthropologie keep it up. We love ya.



Photo credentials via Flikr: Sean Davis from Flikr ThinkRetail from Flikr



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