Oregon Craft Beer

Living in Oregon, it is second nature for me to be in a beer lovers world. Oregonians are serious when it comes to drinking and the art of beer. The industry is starting to take over Oregon. It has the number one breweries per capita and is contributing to the job market quite a bit.

I find the industry to be extremely interesting. Beer has so much history and is still being made new everyday. It was being made over 10,000 years ago and to this day there are still new recipes and new brands popping up all around. I decided to do my own research on the topic but make it more specific to my home state. I made this infographic below and wanted to post for you to see.


Oregon Craft Beer

The facts and images speak for themselves and it is easy to see what an impact this beverage is making on the state.

Oregon doesn’t just support its own beer companies, it supports beer from all over the world. Each July since the 1980s, Oregon Brewers Festival is held in downtown Portland at Waterfront Park. Breweries from around the world come to pour and share the love of beer with the people of Portland and beyond. People from around the world will come to the event as well. There is a map with pins so that attendees can pin where they are coming from to be at this event.

As a PR person, I know how important events can be to hold people together, to celebrate and to grow. Oregon Brewers Festival is great for beer connoisseurs or those who have just turned 21 and want to explore.

There is always more to learn about beer, especially with a craft beer revolution happening now. If you love beer, Oregon is a great place to be. Take a vacation, visit Portland and grab a beer.




2 thoughts on “Oregon Craft Beer

  1. hhascallarchive says:

    This is so fun and interesting! Being from Oregon, I also love beer and am fascinated by the beer culture Oregon has made for itself and the many outside connections the beer culture brings to Oregon. I’ve always known that we live in a state where beer is huge but I never realized how huge until now and its crazy. Great infographic and awesome facts!


  2. mariahlittle says:

    I love your infographic! I am familiar with some of the beer culture here in Oregon, especially in Portland and in Bend, but I was unaware of the huge economical impact the beer culture makes in Oregon. Thanks for sharing this great info and making a great infographic!


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